233 DAYS!

It’s crazy to think that’s it been so long since I last sat down and spewed my thoughts out on a keyboard. 233 days! That’s enough days to fly to the moon and back 38 times (I wouldn’t advise this).WOWSERS! Looking back, I have missed it in a strange way; the relief it brought from sharing parts of my history on a weekly basis, the feedback I got from followers and the visions and perspective it prompted and my busy little head. These were and still are important things to me but above all, it helped me maintain a focus on what it is I’ve always wanted to achieve through sharing my story: to give you (the reader) an insight into just what it’s like to be a young lad with cancer.

Now we’ve got that bit out the way, let’s move on to the more interesting stuff; my progress in the fight against cancer.

I think it’s fair to say a lot has happened throughout these last few months and surprisingly, I seem to have got on alright through it all. Firstly I finished my NHS cancer treatment for foreseeable future, and, whilst I’m not one for bashing our undoubtedly brilliant NHS, I felt it was a really sad and disappointing time for me personally. When I rang that bell on the final day of radiotherapy, instead of feeling relief and accomplishment, I felt added pressure – a pressure that I was now entering an even more dangerous time in my life – and a disconnect from the guidance I’ve had over the last two and half years under the NHS’s network. Kind of like someone saying ‘you’re on your own now Chris if you’re gonna’ look to be cured’’. By no means is this isn’t intended as a backhanded jab at those who’ve looked after me, I’m simply trying to be honest in giving an understanding of how I feel about running out of treatment options under NHS care. With that being said, I ultimately take one positive out of this: at least I got my hashtag right. Now it truly is #ChrisVsCancer.

Secondly, I’m now well underway with my Dendritic Cell Therapy in swelteringly hot city of New Delhi, India and what a crazy eye opener it’s been. As some of you may have seen, my family and I have been fundraising for two pioneering and possibly life-saving cancer treatments unavailable in the UK for these last seven months and after much hard work and lots of public support, we’ve managed to raise enough for a start on the exciting new treatment in New Delhi! I won’t write too much on India today as I plan on dedicating an entire blog post to talk about it but I’d like you all to know that I feel great so far from the infusions and so I’ll just leave you with this for now: Cows have priority on the roads in India, not cars. MADNESS!  

The third and final thing to happen these last few months is something I’ve already talked briefly about a few weeks ago; Making a return to the golf course. I can’t even begin to tell you how good it’s felt to be able to get back out whacking balls and pursuing such a passion of mine after over two and half years of barely picking up a club. If I’m honest I’ve missed pretty much everything about it – from cleaning my clubs before each round to just having a laugh and being daft with my mates. It think this shows that sometimes, it can be the seemingly insignificant things that carry some of the biggest emotional value. Now that really is one to thing about.

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To wrap up my first blog up in 233 days (I still can’t believe it’s been so long), I have to say things are looking up, I’m feeling great being pain-free and people are even saying I’m looking great now – even Tasha! 😉. I must be doing something right anyway, I’ve just got to hope these scan results are heading in the right direction now.  See you all soon.

Note: Scan results due on Tuesday 26th June.

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