Having a good trip so far this week in India for my 4th treatment. Gotta say, the infusion I’ve had today hasn’t half give me a boost! This morning I arrived in Delhi looking like a one legged zombie and this afternoon I’ve been like St Helens’ very own Duracell bunny. Winner winner chicken dinner 

Anyway, you may be wondering why I’ve posted pictures completely irrelevant to my treatment in India, BUT I have good reason – I mean, at least I think I do 

Those who know my background pre-cancer will know how much I loved golf, I was pretty much obsessed with the stuff. And so it was, on Tuesday this week, I did one of thing that probably wouldn’t be of that much significance to the average Joe, but to me, it meant everything.

I RETURNED TO THE GOLF COURSE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER TWO YEARS! Whether you’ve got cancer or not, anything is possible, just gotta keep knocking down those barriers one day at a time.

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