Dear all my lovely following,

Since starting my blog, I always thought it was the end of my cancer treatment. Therefore, I never thought I’d be writing a statement such as this.

Many of you would have already seen that last week, I was diagnosed with cancer again. This time, we suspect it’s metastatic (meaning spread from the primary site) as CT scans have showed I now have a tumour about 12mm in diameter on the right side of my lungs.

After consultation with a thoracic surgeon at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital today, the plan is to have surgery to remove the tumour and subsequently part of my lung this Thursday 13th July 2017. If I’m honest, I’m feeling pretty good in myself as it is and together, me and my team are working towards a better future.

Thank you for all the lovely messages both on and off social media and hopefully I can give an update over the weekend as to how my surgery went.


Chris Carberry

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