Before we get into the more serious (and boring) part of this blog, I want to start by telling you how good I’m feeling at the moment: F*!#%ING BRILLIANT! It seems like an eternity since I’ve been able to say that and I feel it’s all too common for us humans to moan at how bad we’re doing and not celebrate when we’re kicking butt. Today I want to break that noisy rhythm.

Preaching aside, things really are improving by the week. Both physically and mentally, I feel like I’m getting stronger, healthier and altogether a little more resilient – all of which I’m real proud of. Admittedly, I’m still quite tired but I guess that’s expected considering all my recent treatments and India trips. The key, in my eyes, is improvement. As long as things are going in the right direction, I’m winning.

You may have seen a few weeks back that my latest scan results are now in and thankfully, they’ve showed some great responses! I’m happy to say that the tumour I have in my perianal area has shown some further regression and a change in appearance on images – most certainly an improvement – and from being around a 9cm mass back in October last year, this particular tumour has now almost completely gone leaving only a small amount of disease and some scar tissue left in the local area. I’m also just as happy to say that my pelvic tumour saw a similar fate where, again, we’ve seen some further regression and a change in appearance. And as if all that just wasn’t enough, all other areas – including my lungs – look stable. A HUUUUGE win considering how fast my cancer was advancing back in October last year!  

*Note: Not having anything crop up in my lungs is very significant as this would be the most likely place for the disease to spread too*

So what’s worked?

A question I could write a whole blog about in itself – and a question I get asked everytime I step outside my house – , ‘’what’s worked?’’ is something I’d love to know the answer too, but ultimately, is something I don’t really know at this stage. If I took a step back and looked at all the treatments I’ve endured over the last few months, it’d be too easy to say it’s one thing or the other that’s helping me on my way to becoming cancer-free. Ultimately, there’s just too many variables to narrow it down. My team in the UK will say it’s their chemotherapy and radiotherapy that’s doing the trick whilst my team in India will say it’s dendritic cell therapy that’s doing it. If I’m honest, I’m not particularly interested in the medical politics that surround my care, my opinion is that it’s a combination of everything that’s working up to now; the chemo, the radio, the immunotherapy, the diet, the positive attitude I’ve adopted. Everything.

Unfortunately, this is just the reality of cancer in many cases other than mine. Science just struggles to pinpoint causes and many are left guessing and confused.

Putting all this aside though, I’d be pretty confident that the dendritic cell therapy (India treatment) is working if we see some further regression in my next scans. I say this as those scans will be in several months time now and the likelihood of chemotherapy and radiotherapy working after so many months after is pretty thin.

Where do I go from here?

Adding further to what we’ve just spoke about, I’m taking the sensible option and continuing my treatment out in India for another few months. I made this decision as it’s the only way of finding out what’s working and I strongly believe dendritic cell therapy has played a part in my recent improvements. I’ll be traveling for another six infusions each separated by three weeks of rest at home in the UK before we review things again. This will be a little different to my previous six infusions that I’ve completed where I’ve had only two weeks rest. At least I get more time to play golf anyway.

To round this today’s blog off I’d like to say this; It’s been a long time since I was diagnosed ‘incurable’ and I know that a lot has changed. Putting all the treatments aside, I now feel that the slither of hope I maintained at the end of last year has now turned into a chunk of reality. A reality that this so called ‘’incurable’ staging of my disease can and will be beaten for a third and final time. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking to that day.

July 2018 target:

As I’m now back writing a little as well as making videos and other short updates, I thought I’d introduce something new to the end of each written blog. For months now you’ve all been helping me by donating money for my treatment but as much as I need to, I’d rather ask you to do something that just requires a bit of your time rather than your hard earned cash. What I’m asking for this month is if you can help me reach 3000 likes on my Facebook page by the end of the month. You can do  this by sharing my page or by the ‘invite your friends to like this page’ button. I’m currently at around 2.68K likes so I’d like to think it shouldn’t be too hard.

Thanks as always for all the support and have a nice weekend peeps.

Upcoming events:

Thursday 19th July – Two hour spin session – DW Sports, St Helens 

Friday 16th November#ChrisVsCancer Masquerade Ball – Cunard House, Liverpool

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