Progress Update – 24th January 2020

Dear friends, family and supporters,

This Friday (24th January) I am to have major spinal surgery as part of managing the pain and instability caused by the disease in my mid-spine. This step is of the utmost urgency after recent scans earlier in the new year showed that my new treatment regime has been largely ineffective and my disease still apparent and progressing.

The operation will last most of the day and includes introducing “scaffolding” across the midsection of my spine, the removal of bone to decompress my spinal cord and taking a biopsy to confirm that it is in fact the same disease, Osteosarcoma, that we’re dealing with here.

It is important to note that this operation is not a curative procedure and other than the biopsy, no disease will be removed in the process. I appreciate many won’t understand why this is – due to the complexity of the situation – however experts across the country do not think it is in my best interest to do so. This is something I’ve come to understand and agree with and I will try my best to explain one day when I’m fitter.

Going forward, Tash, my family and I will continue to research and strive towards achieving my goal of living a cancer-free life in the future – whether that means living with the disease or not. And whilst I recognise that my situation and prognosis is overwhelmingly dire and gloomy at present, I ask you to join me in the belief that miracles do happen each and every day, and there’s no reason why I cannot be one of those successful healing stories in the future.

Thank you as always for your undeserved love and support.

Your lion,

Chris Carberry

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