Twenty Times!

A few days ago I had my twentieth treatment out in India. I know, crazy. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from almost a year of travelling and some statistics for perspective on what I see as a mammoth achievement:

  • 20 immunotherapy infusions
  • 5 blood collections
  • 1 bruised arm
  • 84 flights
  • 546 hours on airplanes
  • 8 delayed flights
  • 0.84 msv of radiation exposure from flying – the equivalent of about 84 chest x-rays
  • 53 days spent in Delhi
  • 4 different hotels
  • 12 tuc tuc white knuckle rides
  • Countless Ubers
  • 3 prosthetic leg malfunctions due to extreme heat
  • 1 lady who attempted to sell me bangles

And finally, the best statistics to come from all the hard work: a significant amount of further tumour reduction without re-occurance for the 11 months I’ve been travelling to India.

Tell me now that it’s impossible, I dare you. #ChrisVsCancer

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