An Update On My Cancer Journey – 10th March 2019


This week I had little reminder of just how lucky I am and a taste of hospital air for the first time in a good while. I spent all my Monday waiting around the cancer centre (here in the UK) for the results of some unplanned scans – scans I’d hoped I wouldn’t need.

I’d been a bit weirded out by these sensations I was getting in my chest and left arm over the weekend. They weren’t particularly painful but still, I craved answers. My first thought was that maybe something sinister was causing these feelings but the more time went by, the more I guessed it might have had something to do with my port. Great, another question mark day in the life of Chris Carberry, I thought.

With concern lighting up the forefront of my mind, I made the call on Monday morning and set off on the hour long journey to get some clarification. First stop was to go and get my port flushed (Yes, just like the toilets on a flight to India, my arm needs flushing too). No blockage was found. A good start. My next stop was to have a chest X ray to look for any shadowing and recurrence. Again, nothing was found. Thank flippers for that! Lastly, I had an ultrasound on my left arm to check for any clots and yet again, nothing was found.

Heading home that evening it struck me just how lucky I’ve been up to now. Seventeen months have passed since I relapsed with six tumours and yet here I am still golfing and talking to you today. If part of that isn’t luck, I don’t know what is. #ChrisVsCancer

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